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The Original Piccolo Cherry Tomato®



Birthday, dinner party, romantic moment... Whatever the event, there'll always be an occasion to enjoy the subtle and balanced flavour of The Cherry Tomato Piccolo®.

Hand out The Cherry Tomato Piccolo® after dinner. It's a great stimulant for digestion, and the natural sweetness hits the spot after a hearty meal.

Roast The Cherry Tomato Piccolo® low and slow overnight to produce a wonderfully sticky result - perfect for whizzing into a soup.

Keep a mini fruit bowl of The Cherry Tomatoes Piccolo® to hand at work "al desk" for a low-calorie way to regulate your appetite and stay hydrated.

Cook The Cherry Tomato Piccolo® with a drizzle of olive oil - lycopene is fat-soluble so this aids absorption of the mighty antioxidant.

The Cherry Tomato Piccolo® is a colourful addition to grain salad. Use couscous or bulghar wheat as a base and add plenty of fresh herbs.

For a classic Catalan appetiser, toast sourdough bread, rub with garlic and smashed Piccolo Cherry Tomatoes, and top with olive oil and salt. Easy.

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